Simba School

This last week Jacob started in Prep Three (Reception/Kindergarten) at the local international school, Simba School.  No, Simba School has nothing to do with The Lion King, new children are not held up over a rock cliff, they don’t sing Hakuna Matata, nothing like that.  Simba means lion, that’s all.

Jacob’s gone to school with mixed emotions.  The first day very brave, the second day lots of tears, the third day a mix of everything.  I’m sure he’ll settle in well in time.

He says he’s working very hard.  🙂

He’s ridiculously adorable in his school uniform.  Coming from a culture that doesn’t do school uniform, I think I feel all the more surprised to see my little boy in a little uniform.  Or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a handlebar moustache away from being dressed an explorer from the 1900’s.