We are in the process of having a Beyond Ourselves office (affectionately known as the Boffice) built here in Zambia.

I am excited (understatement!)

Since moving here the Beyond Ourselves office has lived in our home, doubling as a spare bedroom.  It’s not the biggest of rooms to begin with and it houses a desk, bunkbeds, a big photocopier, countless school resources, all our important files (and many not so important ones) and loads of random work and personal things.  It’s tight.

And only one person can work in there at a time.  Which poses a problem when our team is comprised of five people.  Yes, a lot of our time is spent at the schools, in the communities and generally out and about in meetings and the like but a one person office hasn’t been working so well for our team.  And our living room being the overspill of the office hasn’t been working so well for us as a family.

So a couple of months ago our very kind landlords scoped out the property we live on and suggested we convert a carport, that wasn’t being used much on site, into an office.  Jodie, our director, was up for it and in a few short weeks everything was agreed and the building started!  The roof was put on this week and we should be able to move in the next couple of months.

Love it!

New office being built


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