Call the Midwife

We have a woman that does some cleaning for us, helps us when we have lots of visitors and sometimes helps take care of the boys.  She’s very pregnant at the moment and we have many conversations about the baby as she anticipates her new arrival soon.  It’s been fascinating finding out more about what is available to women who give birth at local clinics and hospitals here.

She has said it costs K50 ($5USD) to have a baby in a local clinic.  A c-section is K100 ($10USD).  With that, a woman gets a bed and access to a midwife and hopefully a doctor should one be needed.  Women need to bring their own towels, clean water, bedding and and local chetenge material to clean up and wrap up her new baby.

When I think back to giving birth to Jacob in the UK and the ‘birthing room’ in the ‘birthing unit’ at Harlow Hospital, I think about how different women’s child birth experiences are around the world.  I had a water birth with Jacob all the while listening to music through the iPod docking station that was provided.  The lighting was dim and the walls were purposefully painted in muted colours, everything to done to create a calm birthing environment.  What a contrast.

I saw this article a few months ago highlighting the different ways women prepare to have babies around the world.  Fascinating!