The pitter patter of not so little feet

Ben is walking.  Hallelujah!

About 10 days ago he did his first proper steps and then in the last five days he’s suddenly just taken off.  It’s amazing!

After such a long time of crawling, admittedly it feels very strange to see him on his feet and tottering around the house.  He is loving his new freedom though.  He’s never been happier.

Many people have said, oh, once he starts walking, you’ll wish he hadn’t started.  Sorry people, I think you’re wrong…  When your 23 month old starts walking, there is nothing but rejoicing!  🙂

In about two weeks we will celebrate Ben’s second birthday.  These first two years have been hard, I would be lying if I said otherwise but it really feels like we’re starting a new chapter of Ben’s life now though.  He is feisty and sensitive and will probably change the world one day (it must be that red hair!) but finally we are more hearing laughing, singing and talking than screaming and crying and he is playing on his own and interacting with other children and not just wanting to live in my arms.

We are rejoicing.





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