It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s avocado season.  It’s mango season.  It’s plant-almost-anything-in-your-garden-and-it-will-flourish season.  It’s rainy season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

All is lush and green here.  Everything grows at a remarkable rate at the moment.  We’re getting rain nearly every day (finally!), it’s overcast and not unbearably hot, yet still lovely and warm, and generally it’s just really beautiful here.

I know most of you who are reading this are only near the beginning of your winter and feeling the chills that January almost always brings.  Perhaps next year you should come and visit 🙂

We get the most amazing storms as well at this time of year.  They are spectacular.  The lightning is unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else in the world and you can feel the thunder shake you on the inside.  Generally, I love these storms.  I love hearing thunder rumbling in the distance and the cool breeze that comes right before the rains.  The smell is amazing.

The down side is when you have lightning bolts strike on the property you live on.  On December 26th we had a very intense storm, one of the biggest we’ve ever experienced, a couple of bolts very nearly hit our home – there were literally sparks flying in the house!  Amazingly, only one of our computer chargers and a hot water tank was damaged.  The site’s internet routers were nearly all damaged, the bore hole pump exploded and most of the buildings on the site we live on didn’t have working electricity for several days as a result of the storm.  Last week we had another storm and a lightning bolt either hit our home or very nearly did.  Very spectacularly the light bulb over our dining room table exploded while we were playing a game with friends.  Thankfully no one was hurt and there was no other damage from the storm.  Even amidst these storms, this still is my favourite time of year.

On that sad day when we leave Zambia, I will definitely miss the rains down in Africa.  They are simply amazing.