Family time

We just spent the last two weeks in Pretoria, South Africa, on holiday.  A while back we received an anonymous donation for us to use on our family and so we bought flights to get some time away together, just the four of us.

Our church in the UK has connections with a network of churches in South Africa, Doxa Deo, and one of their leaders offered us their house and use of their car as they were away on holiday themselves. Such a massive blessing – they even organised lifts to and from the airport!!

It couldn’t have been a more perfect break.  The house was full of toys, we had use of a communal pool just a short walk away, as well as a playground and massive sandpit, plenty of local shops and many a restaurant with play areas for the kids.  We took advantage of Ben’s naps and one of us often slept when Ben went down, whilst the other one had quality time with Jacob.  Everyone won!

On one hand we thought we should do an adventurous holiday, we do, after all, live in Africa!  But as one of our friends said, getting out the door with two small children can feel like an adventure.  There is never a dull moment with two small boys, life is an adventure, we don’t need more at the moment.

So we relaxed and ‘did’ very little – it was exactly what we needed.

Here are a few photos from our two weeks…


Not used to Christmas lights, the boys were mesmerised with a neighbour’s ‘impressive’ Candy Canes._DSC0732-2

Ben found the ‘mist’ setting on the garden hose, and enjoyed the power that came with pointing it towards others._DSC0742-2 _DSC0759-2 _DSC0780-2

A nearby park_DSC0801-2 _DSC0816-2 _DSC0822-2

They boys adrift in the communal pool.