Preparation Station

Two days and we are setting off for an extended visit home to the UK and to Canada.  We’ll be gone about four months, a month in the UK, two months in Canada and another month in the UK.  We’ll be back in Zambia at the end of August.

Four months is a long time to be away.  Four months is also a long time to prepare to be away for.  We’ve been busy wrapping things up and generally trying to get things in order in all areas of life before we go.  What’s great is that this forces us to throw out, clean up and general sort through everything and anything that is in our home.  We’ve gotten rid of tonnes of stuff.  It’s such a great feeling to know that what is in our home is what we use and is something we’ve chosen to be there.

On Wednesday we fly.  Ben is just really starting to love to move around and keeping him still(ish) and quiet(ish) on long haul flights give me mild heart palpitations.  I wish I was joking, but I really am not!

If I’m honest, I sway from being really excited to fairly nervous about our time away.  Excited to see family and friends, walk through supermarkets, go shopping for some new clothes, go for walks and be anonymous, sink my teeth into a delicious British pork sausage, okay, don’t even get me started on the food…  I am nervous though of all of the change for the boys, especially Jacob.  He is aware of everything and yet too young to really understand the concepts of countries, distance and time… that his friends here will still be here, that we will be returning even if it’s in a long time.  I love living here and I am worried that going back to the UK and Canada will mess this up.  Is it possible for a visit like this not to be somewhat unsettling?

But in one week we go and will face these challenges head on and pray for grace upon grace in the midst of an enormous amount of change and transition.  In the meantime, we are eating British and Canadian treats we’ve been rationing and suddenly find ourselves with loads of, sorting through the last bits of random papers and stuff we still aren’t quite sure where they go, making lists and then more lists, having final meals with friends and saying goodbyes.

Ready or not, here we go 🙂


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