One of the great things about living here is that one can get bespoke things made quite inexpensively. That said communicating what you’d like and getting a quality product is sometimes a bit tricky.  🙂

Friends of ours in Canada (shout out to Steve and Tiffany Reynolds!) have an amazing air guitar Tiffany’s dad made for their kids.  Let’s get real, air guitars are awesome and everyone needs a bit of awesome in their lives.  Dan has had in mind that a couple of air guitars would fit quite well in the Whitcombe household so he drew some out and visited Justin, a great carpenter who works with a great ministry here in Ndola ( and now we Whitcombe’s have two air guitars.

The guitars are perfect.  Jacob got them for his birthday and has already been rocking out with his friends.  We thought getting two was a good idea as it’s best to jam with a friend. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Guitars

  1. Hi just seen Jacob with his guitar and can t believe how grown up he looks.Glad all is going well for you.Ive was at Spring Harvest at Skegness last week and had a good time ,weather was very good and today here it is HOT.God bless you , love Jeanx

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