Ben is one today!

This landmark event to be celebrated indeed – possibly as much for our achievement as his parents, as for his life in itself.

It’s been an amazing year on many levels, but not without its challenges. Juggling a hectic work and family life all on significantly less sleep than we’d thought humanly possible.

Here’s our boy, full of smiles and love for a few of his favourite people (Jacob is on that list, but wasn’t in the mood for photos today:)

_DSC0078-2_DSC0032-2 _DSC0064-2  _DSC0100-2_DSC0043-2 _DSC0106-2


5 thoughts on “One!

  1. Happy birthday to Ben, and congratulations to mum and dad! You just can’t help but smile when you see his endearing smile. He looks like a happy chappie!

  2. Happy 1st birthday Benjamin – love your smile
    with much love – from grandpa and grandma Wieler
    beautiful photos

  3. Happy special 1st birthday Ben.. Have a lovely family day. Love the red hair and smile so charming! ….love and wishes Sandie Ash x

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