Three weeks ago I sat in the Head Teacher’s office at Kawama Community School and watched a girl take off her shoes so that we could weigh and measure her.  She wasn’t able to make to it to the interviews we had done several weeks ago so we grabbed her out of class for a few minutes to chat about school and home life, weigh and measure her to track her BMI and take her photo for the child sponsorship programme.

She had canvas type shoes on, lace ups and from the top, they looked like they were in okay condition.  However as she lifted her leg to untie her shoes while standing, I saw that actually bottom of the shoes were totally worn away around the ball of her foot.  Whilst the shoes covered the top of her foot, at least a quarter of the sole of her foot was worn completely away.

This girl needs a new pair of shoes.

Many children at the schools we work with are in desperate need of new school shoes.  Many of them are squeezing their feet into shoes that are one or two sizes too small for them.  I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be to do every day.  Other children’s shoes have holes in them.  Some children don’t have any at all.

We’ve recently been assessing the school uniform needs and across the three schools we work with 424 pairs of shoes are needed.  If you haven’t seen already, Beyond Ourselves is raising money to buy these shoes.  Amazingly, about 275 pairs of shoes have been paid for.  We’ve been taken aback by people’s generosity.  We only have 150 to go!

Please would you consider buying a pair of shoes for a child in one of our schools.

The shoes are £13.00 each ($20USD) and can be purchased from our online store here.

Thanks for your help.



2 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Here at St Josephs we have had a retiring collection from our nativity assembly and raised enough for 20 pairs and at our panto performances this weekend we will be having three raffles so hopefully we can get a few more. Best wishes Jane and Sandie ( oh yes it is!)

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