Over the coming week we will be saying goodbye to our gap year girls (our gappettes), Beth and Cathy. They’ve been with us for the last three months. I can’t quite believe their time here is coming to an end already, the last three months have gone by so quickly.

To say Cathy and Beth have been helpful these three months would be an understatement. At the beginning of September I resumed my responsibilities with Beyond Ourselves after having Ben. They have enabled me to work both at home and at the schools. They have spent countless hours with our boys, loving them and playing with them. In addition to this, they’ve done many a reading assessment, helped us do a uniform assessment on all of the children across all three schools, and they were instrumental in the prep, hosting and follow up of the teams we recently had.

We will be sad to say goodbye to them. Jacob will no doubt be asking about them over the next while.  I think both Jacob and Ben really love these two.  But their legacy will live on in our home, just as our gap year boys do. Just the other day Jacob would only go to sleep for his nap if he had the photo book of Charlie and Alex in his bed with him. He propped it up in front of him so he went to sleep looking at it.  Very sweet.

We will sincerely miss these two!




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