Just a few more…

I’ve spent several of hours in the last week cropping, editing and generally prepping the pictures of the children at the schools we work with for the child sponsorship updates the sponsors will be receiving in the New Year.  I know I posted some of my favourite pictures already but I have a few more 🙂  Their faces are just so beautiful.

Now seems like a fitting time to remind you that if you’d like to sponsor a child it’s only £12.50 or $22.00CDN a month.  This includes a school meal each day, a contribution towards their teacher’s salary and the cooks salary, basic medical care, a school uniform and school resources.  Send me a message or email me at melissa@beyondourselves.co.uk if you’re interested.

Diana_Chisenga_2014-10_DSC1031-2 Evaristo_Kapatula_2014-10_DSC0442-2 Gilbert_Bwembya_2014-10_DSC0214-2 Godwin_Mulandano_2014-10_DSC0004-2 Joe_Kabonda_2014-10_DSC1069-2 Justina_Njovu_2014-10_DSC0303-2 Longwe_Mubanga_2014-10_DSC1107-2  Natasha_Kaoma_2014-10_DSC1169-2


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