Over the last two weeks we’ve had two back to back teams visiting the schools we work with here in Zambia. The first team was from Cranleigh School. They worked specifically at Kawama School as they have a partnership together with this community. The team of young people and staff spent time in the classes doing lessons, they helped with the feeding programme, ran a very successful clothing sale to raise funds for the bore hole and they sat down with the children and families of Kawama School and did the annual child sponsorship interviews with them.

The second team was a mix of different people from the UK, some from Stephen James, others were teachers from a few different primary schools in the UK and then a few other random folks as well. We had a great week together.   We did the child sponsorship interviews at Greater Joy School and Janna School, the teachers ran workshops for the teachers and other educational personnel from other local schools we have relationship with, and there was loads of priming and painting done as well.

Every year we sit down with each child and their family to check in to see how things are going with the family, how the child is doing medically, we weigh and measure them to be sure they are growing and take an updated photo of them. Every year I look forward to going through the photos of the children as their smiles are infectious and their skin is so beautiful. Here are a few of my favourite shots from this year. Gorgeously stunning children, I think you’ll agree…

_DSC0002-2 _DSC0160-2 _DSC0243-2 Daliso_Gumbo-2014-10_DSC1166-2  _DSC0506-2


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