Last week saw the sinking of a new borehole at Janna Christian Community School. We are so excited that this is the second school we partner with that now has clean drinking water. Hopefully by the end of the year the other school we work with will also have a borehole sunk and clean water for the school and surrounding community.

What was also very exciting about this particular borehole is that two local businessmen in Ndola have taken care of a significant portion of the costs of this borehole. It’s fantastic to see this generosity but also seeing local investment happening. In addition to this an American woman has been faithfully fundraising for clean water at Janna for the last several months and she is paying for the rest of the costs for the tank, stand etc. We are so grateful for these individuals’ generosity.

I’m not going to lie, when the drillers hit water and the murky brown water starts to spray up in the air, I get choked up. It’s only water, I know, but the thought that the children at these schools won’t go thirsty and won’t catch any diseases from the water on site is a great feeling. I love that the community around the school will be bringing clean water to their homes as well as there being a tap that the people from the surrounding community can use. Soon a whopping 10,000 litre tank will sit high above Janna inviting the children and families to come and drink from a well that will take a very long time to ever run dry.

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