Schools close for a month starting this coming week and, although there’s still much to do (Training days and workshops and some maintenance of the classrooms), August brings with it a much welcomed slow of pace after our last few months of activity. So this week we’re taking a little time-out to potty train Jacob. Once again, we find ourselves thankful for sunny weather that makes it possible to keep Jacob in ‘hose-downable’ terrain.

It’s early days but I think we’re winning (there’s an equal amount of stickers on his potty as there are underpants hanging on the line) and Jacob’s not been too annoyed with us punctuating each sentence with a “Do you need a wee?”

Here’s a photo of Jacob, proud of his pants, and sitting on his little swing outside.

Jacob on swing

We also tried taking family photos today – which failed completely. Out of the 73 we snapped there was not a single shot with us all in, eyes-open, looking towards the camera and smiling. Here’s the best of the lot – I’m taking the photo having given up on the remote control approach. It’s a good job there’ll be other days to take another run at it. Good old August.

MElissa and Boys


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