Road Tripping


Over the last week or so we’ve been travelling the length of Zambia; showing my parents some of the sights and sounds of this amazing country. We’ve spent some time in Lusaka, mainly to break up the journey, but also to run errands and get a bit of shopping done. They’ve also got a flavour of the terrible traffic in the capital and we re-enacted the epic journey to the hospital (when we had Ben) for them, although perhaps with slightly less panic and fewer road traffic violations from Dan!  🙂

While in Lusaka we also visited a baby elephant sanctuary, they were exceptionally cute…

IMGP6007-2 IMGP6002-2

We ploughed on, travelling down to Livingstone to see one of the wonders of the world; the Victoria Falls. As you can see from this snap, they are beautiful at this time of year 🙂


The mist is pretty intense right now, as it is the end of the rainy season so the water in the Zambezi is at its highest. You do get glimpses of the magnitude of the falls through the midst though, however, you also get saturated. Walking across ‘Knife Edge Bridge’ is like being on deck in ‘The Perfect Storm’ – buckets of water a poured over you.

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In Livingstone, we stayed in luxury tents, complete with en-suites  and electricity, as well as plenty of outdoor space for Jacob to seek adventure in. If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, Prana is a lovely and friendly place to stay. And the food was absolutely delicious.

IMGP5954-2 IMGP5836-2

We also booked in for a river cruise one evening, however due to a significant issue with the car (a wheel fell off just as we were about to head that way – one of several car issues we faced during this road trip), Dan and my Dad couldn’t take part in the cruise. That said, my Mom, the boys and I still got to enjoy it. The sunset was spectacular and we also saw a number of elephants bathing themselves in the shallows of the river, which was stunning.


It’s been a great trip (other than the car issues!). This morning we head home to Ndola with my folks for the remaining ten days of their time with us in Zambia…



Having children can make many things tricky. The simplest of tasks can seem unbelievably challenging when faced with working around or working with children. What I am finding though is that if I complete any task with one or both of my boys present, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction. I am trying to figure out if having a sense of pride over these things is valid or actually a bit pathetic.

Take yesterday for example… My parents are out visiting but were Dan in Kitwe for the better part of the day. Jacob is normally in nursery in the mornings however he is home this week as he may have a mild case of the chicken pox or some other random viral infection. So today in the midst of my two children I feel like I accomplished a few things, not like painting a room or anything, oh on, far more insignificant.

  1. I got out of my pajamas. Granted, it was into yesterday’s clothes that were lying on the floor, but I changed.
  2. I had a shower. Timed perfectly with Ben’s first nap and opening a couple of late birthday presents for Jacob, I had a lovely and even not too rushed shower.
  3. I put on makeup and did my hair. Impressive, I know.
  4. I made soup for supper. It was actually a multiple step process and it even tastes delicious.
  5. There wasn’t excessive crying on anyone’s behalf.
  6. I fed my children.
  7. I had a bit of lunch… kind of.
  8. I had a meaningful time of playing play dough with Jacob and took him to the nearby play park. He didn’t hurt himself as I let him play probably a bit too independently as I fed Ben.
  9. I had a nap, a glorious hour that recharged me for the rest of the day.
  10. I did a load of laundry and got it on the washing line

That’s it. Between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 that is what I accomplished. On one hand, I feel amazing – I have supper made, my kids were relatively happy, I had a nap. And I should mention I did all of this and Jacob didn’t have a minute of TV time. Supermum? Oh yeah.

And then I stop and think about it and realize how basic these tasks are and I feel much less amazing and much more pathetic. How is that doing basic tasks with children is so difficult? Daily I feel a bit inept as I fail to do so many things that are so ‘easy’.

Also I failed to mention that Ben slept most of the day, Jacob had a three and a half hour nap, we have house help (so I didn’t even do all of the dishes for the soup I made). I hang my head in shame…

My Mum and Dad are here for this month and I am exceedingly grateful. However it begs the question of how on earth I am going to cope when they leave?!