It’s a baby.

Well, it’s with much joy and, dare we say, surprise, that we’d love to announce the birth of our son, Benjamin Moses Whitcombe – born at 18.45 on the 27.02.14 – He’s a couple of weeks before the due date and so weighs in at a slender 6lb 2oz. 

Let me tell you a little of our journey to the hospital, which was rather eventful. When we realised that ‘this was it’ we were at the house (25 mins from the hospital in good traffic – well over an hour in rush-hour!) and needed to wait a short while for a friend to come and look after Jacob whilst we went to the hospital. By the time we were leaving home, Melissa was already having regular contractions every 3 minutes or so. Then we were off. At rush hour. Through the bumpy roads of Lusaka. In the bustling capital city of Zambia. I tried to still obey most of the traffic rules, but one or two may have been overlooked along the way.

During the 40min drive to the hospital, through rush-hour traffic, we drove past lines of cars on the wrong side of the road, shouted “We’re having a baby, now” at people (who generally received the news with a smile) as we cut into lines of waiting traffic, drove on the wide walk-ways, got traffic policemen to stop traffic for us and drove over curbs and walkways to join a parallel road that was clear.

In the end we arrived at the hospital with time to spare, around 35 minutes I reckon. Because just under 40 minutes after of arriving at the hospital, we had a baby in our arms. Crazy. 2 Weeks early and arriving in a rush – so, even though Ben will be Zambian by birth, it looks like he’s not quite working to a Zambia clock yet.

Here’s some photos – I suspect it’s what you clicked on this link for.





9 thoughts on “It’s a baby.

  1. Amazing! Love the blog of the journey to the hospital…..oh, and yeah, Benjamin is beautiful! Seriously, well done you guys xxx

  2. Congratulations all of you, and what an adventure!! Way to go Melissa, you had some big Angels clearing the way for you (and Dan’s driving skillz) It seems so long ago we went to VV to buy old people outfits to play bingo in T.O. 🙂 All the best being a mommy of 2!!

  3. Congratulations! You have been blessed in so many ways, including timing! Thank you for sharing your adventure. We wish you a comfortable transition and look forward to the stories ahead. Welcome to the world Benjamin!!!!

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