Oh baby baby

A few weeks ago Dan was listening to the radio and Brittney Spears’ song ‘Oh Baby Baby’ came on.  A caller rang into say how much he loved that song, so they played it again.  Awesome.  Then someone else rang in and commented on how much he loved Brittney Spears so they dug out another Brittney song.  Three songs in a row by the same artist – quality radio 🙂

I can’t quite believe that in a few weeks times we’ll be having another baby…  Experiencing life with a newborn again… 


Last week I went to Lusaka to see a doctor there and nail down some details for having the baby there.  All seems to be well with the baby and me, however the baby is breech at the moment.  It still has plenty of time to turn, and we are praying it will do this in plenty of time.  We’ll be travelling down to Lusaka when I’m 38 weeks (last week of February) and will stay there until the baby is born.  I can’t quite believe that next month (in five weeks!) we’ll be making the journey down to Lusaka and hopefully not too many weeks later we’ll be coming back with our second child.  Wow.

While in Lusaka I also met a lovely missionary family who are going home on furlough in the middle of February.  We will be staying in their house when we come to Lusaka.  They have three little boys so their house is just perfect for us.  Such a blessing. 

We feel confident in the hospital we’ve chosen and feel peace about having the baby here.  It still feels like the best/right thing for us to do, stay here in Zambia to have the baby.  That said, it’s undeniable that the risks are slightly greater here and because we are having the baby in Lusaka, five hours away from Ndola, we don’t have the same immediate support here should anything go wrong.  Obviously thinking about Jacob in all of this is a massive difference as well and would be wherever we were having the baby.

As we are having this baby away from home, it feels like there is more preparation needed.   It feels like there are many more ‘what ifs’ that pass through my mind this time around.  Most of them I don’t entertain, a few need to be planned for.  In this preparation I feel challenged not to prepare for the worst.  There can be a lot of fear here, especially among the international community, and I feel strongly that we must fight off the fear that masquerades as sensibility.  

We are trying to prepare for, and believe in, and have hope for, the best for this next chapter of our lives: the time away from home, how Jacob will cope with all of the change, the labour, the delivery, the interrupted nights, having two young children – all of it.  I know it will have its challenges but we’re trusting that God will give us all that we need to rise to these.


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