Last week we set off on a bit of an adventure and holiday.  We wanted to take a holiday together before us three Whitcombes become four. We also wanted to explore a bit more of Zambia in the process.

Our trip began with a quick detour to Lusaka.  Rumour had it our work permits would be awaiting us, but best not to listen to rumours as that wasn’t the case.  That said, we’ve been told mine has been issued and Dan’s should be any day now and they will actually send them up to Ndola for us to collect them at the immigration office here.  We needed to go to Lusaka anyways to look at some clinics/hospitals there for the baby and had great success in this department (more on that some other time).  Also on our to-do list; Dan had to pick up some work things, we enjoyed a couple of nice meals out and we did a little bit of Christmas shopping.  It was very full schedule, we probably should have stayed there an extra day in hindsight, but we got everything done that we needed to and then we continued on our travels.


We went camping at Mutinondo and had a really fun and relaxing time together as a family.  After vowing to never ever go camping again while pregnant, we took the plunge (in the rainy season!) as camping is definitely the most economical way to see this beautiful country.  Admittedly it was glamping – the tent was set up for us when we arrived and we had proper beds, set up and all made up for us, upon arrival.  But, I’m 6 ½ months pregnant, I’m not ashamed to sleep on a bed when camping!  It also had a massive cooking shelter which Jacob loved playing in and was very handy for food prep and storing our things.

The scenery was beautiful, and the weather, surprisingly gorgeous.  We spent the next few days swimming in the river/slow running rapids, exploring, going on walks, and talking.  Jacob loved his wilderness experience; he played for hours by himself, singing, “oooh”ing at bugs, dancing, learning how to play an air guitar and the like.  Dan and I actually had time to talk and rest and just be.  It was really lovely.

Mutinondo 1 Mutinondo 2 Mutinondo 3

We ventured to Kundalila Falls and explored around there a bit.  It was beautiful – the photos really don’t do it justice.


On our way back home we stopped around Mukushi for two days and stayed with friends there.  This is a big commercial farming area and the enormous farms there fascinated the prairie girl in me.  The friends we stayed with are working with Foundations for Farming, teaching conservation farming to both commercial and local farmers.  Their home is on a tiny corner of a big commercial farm.  The owners of the farm have both a working farm and some bush areas as well where they have stocked up on some wildlife – zebras, kudu, impala, bushbuck etc.  We went on a game drive and Jacob loved all of the animals.



One thought on “Holiday

  1. love the way you always did/do capture “kodak” moments of Africa and beyond… Happy for the new addition to the family. “Oh-baby” 🙂 Happy Africa memories!

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