Water is life

There is a simple poem that many children here in Zambia learn in their early years at school.  It goes like this:

Water, water.
Water is life.
Without water we die.

Simple and straight to the point, I think we’ll all agree.  Perhaps a bit graphic for four and five year olds but it’s a classic around here.

We spent today at Greater Joy School, watching a bore hole being sunk.  Thanks to a couple of generous donations this school will now have continual access to good water.  Greater Joy’s water supply has been erratic at best.  This has made things difficult for the women that cook for the feeding programme and has required the school to close on certain days as law requires that schools must have water in order to be open.  It’s also been difficult to have proper sanitation at the school with limited access to water as well.

Today things changed for Greater Joy.  Water was found!  It was really exciting to see the bore hole dug and the water spring up deep underground.  Access to water is so important, and something we can often take for granted.   This school will massively benefit from this bore hole and my guess is that it will be a blessing to the whole community.  What a gift.

5 We have water! 6 Working on the casing DSC_2743 DSC_2799 DSC_2848DSC_2817DSC_2883


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