Nine food parcels

Since the teams that visited in October have left, we have spent a fair amount of time following up children who weren’t able to attend the interviews when the teams were here and those children who come from more vulnerable families, who have very low weights and BMIs, and those with medical issues.

In this process of this, we’ve had conversations with the directors of the schools and have identified that between the three schools there are nine families who at particularly needy at the moment.  These are the most desperate situations at the moment with the families really struggling to have the means to buy food and eat.  For these children, often the only meal they get is at school.

We know that handouts aren’t a sustainable way to help people however, we also know that meeting the immediate need is important.  At the moment, these children and their carers are hungry so we’d like to provide food parcels for them in the next couple of weeks.  We were looking people who might be interested in helping us to buy these food parcels.  You can buy them online from our Alternative Gifts store for £15 which works out to about $25CDN.  We’d really appreciate your help on this.  If you’d like to support one of these families please buy a parcel online and send me an email and I’ll send you more details about the family you’re supporting and send you a picture when we’ve delivered the parcel.

Below are some pictures of children from Kawama School, the neediest area we work.

DSC_2417-2 DSC_2427-2


One thought on “Nine food parcels

  1. I came here from a link shared by Jason and Claire Stonier on Facebook. Normally the cost of things like this (with Oxfam or Compassion) are out of reach of what we can afford to give, but I’m happy we can help with this and know (even indirectly) where it’s going!

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