Our little boy seems to be growing up very quickly these days.  In the last few weeks his few words have become a lot clearer, he’s added some new ones and he is getting very good at mimicking sounds.  His understanding when we talk to him seems to have suddenly developed significantly and sometimes he even actually does what we say! 🙂

Jacob’s also showing more initiative when communicating his wants – yesterday he was hoping to go and out the front to play with the neighbours and so he brought me his shoes, then he brought me mine, and tried putting them on my feet when I wasn’t moving fast enough for him. Jacob seems to finally be learning how to use a spoon (‘though he rarely chooses to use it!) and his play is a lot less random then it used to be and sometimes has a bit of sense to it.  It’s amazing to see these developments and see him move more and more from baby to toddler.

Most weekday mornings Jacob goes to nursery, and when he wakes up from his nap in the afternoon, the rest of the day is usually spent playing outside with the neighbouring kids.  He absolutely loves it outside.  Despite having a number of toys, most of the time Jacob prefers a good stick, some dirt and a few stones.  That said, he does love any kind of ball and has a remarkably accurate throw that is nearly always impressive (although not always appreciated when it’s at the dinner table, or towards the car).

Through nursery, Jacob has also started singing some of the songs taught around the house or whilst in his car seat – very cute. There may be no discernable lyrics just yet, but his ‘twinkle twinkle’ hand choreography is coming along nicely.

DSC_2435-2 DSC_2439-2 DSC_2452-2


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