Our last three weeks have busy busy for us.  We had two teams, back to back, and then our director stayed for another week.

The first team was from a secondary school in the UK.  They are partnered with one of our schools in Kitwe.  They came out to do some building work, help out at the school and do the interviews of the children and their carers.  Every year around this time we sit down with each child and their carer to chat about how things are going at home, in school, with their health and we weigh and measure them to chart their growth.

The second team that came did the interviews at the other two schools we work with and do a load of reading assessments to help Dan begin to gauge where the children are at in terms of their reading abilities.

It was wonderful to have the teams – it’s always fantastic to see the enthusiasm visitors have for the work they are involved with.  Also, it reminds us of what it is like to view the poverty and need around us with a fresh set of eyes.  It is a challenging reality that one can become used to seeing such levels of poverty and so having people come to visit renews our perspective and reminds us yet again of why we are here.

One of the other very exciting things about these teams was the goods they brought out for them.  This past summer we packed six bags full of our stuff that these teams brought out for us.  It felt like Christmas as we unpacked all of our games, loads of my favourite kitchen things, a few more of Jacob’s toys, pictures and other ‘things’ that help make our house feel more like home.  In addition to this we now have a healthy stock of proper chocolate which we’ll be rationing for the next several months. 🙂


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