The car

Thank you again to everyone who donated money earlier this year to help us buy this vehicle together with Beyond Ourselves.

It’s been such a tremendous blessing to have a reliable vehicle while living here.  We still remember the days of living here and taking the local transportation – mini buses.  They aren’t impossible, but they are unreliable.  There is no such thing as a bus schedule, they go when they are filled, they stop at random times, everyone has to get off and wait for the next bus when you least expect it, and they are prone to breaking down.  Plus they cram as many people as possible into these vehicles.  Both of us are exceedingly tall, but we can fold up into very small spaces if forced to in a mini bus.

Dan has spent many an hour, baking in hot offices, getting the paperwork in place to change the ownership of the vehicle, insure it, update the road tax and start the process for our Zambian drivers licenses.  As is often the case here, there has been an immense amount of time waiting.  The other morning we spent two and half hours at the clinic just to get a basic medical form filled out.  It tests my patience at times, but this is Africa, and I need to just get used to it.  This is a way of life here.

There is a lorry/semi that has broken down on the side of the road that has been there since we arrived in Zambia.  Most of the times when we drive by it, there are men under it, trying to fix it.  On the back of the lorry there is a sign that says ‘in Jehovah’s time’.  This makes me laugh.  I’m sure it will be repaired and continue on it’s journey one day, whether that is Jehovah’s time or not, I’m not sure.  God’s timing can often be slower than ours, living in Africa definitely forces you to live life at agonizingly slow pace at times, but it does force you to stop and take a deep breath and embrace the present.



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