Bun in the Oven

Well just in case we didn’t have enough change during this season of our lives, we thought we’d add another little Whitcombe into the mix!  Yes folks, we are pregnant!  We are very excited to announce the latest addition to our family will be arriving in March 2014.

Here’s what our family Canada looked like when we told them our exciting news 🙂


I am 15 weeks and feeling pretty good at the moment.  The first trimester was very difficult, lots of throwing up and the usual exhaustion that comes with the first few months of pregnancy.  I was only sick with Jacob three or four times in total, and sometimes I was throwing up that many times in a day.  Not fun.  Thankfully I’m coming out of that and feeling much better and have a lot more energy then I did.

We hope to have the baby here in Zambia.  I have my first doctor’s appointment this week.  We’ll make a definite decision in the next couple of months as we ask questions and find out more about the midwives/doctors in the local area.  There is a very good clinic that many internationals go to and it’s here that we hope to have the baby.  It would be so much easier to stay here rather than travel back to the UK to have the baby.  I know things would work out but the thought of going back to the UK for three months, finding somewhere to live, a car to drive, a toddler to transition to another series of new environments and then a new sibling, giving birth and having newborn and somehow staying sane in the midst of all this seems like a bit much.  If we feel comfortable with the medical care given here, we feel it would be much more peaceful to have the baby in Zambia.

We’d greatly appreciate your prayers for good health for me and the baby during this time.  In general though, we’d love your prayers for good health.  Jacob still puts random things in his mouth that he really shouldn’t, he often picks up rubbish and just gets so dirty here while playing outside it’s hard not to worry at times of the germs that may be making their way into his body.  There are a fair amount of mosquitos at the moment and would ask that you join us in praying we don’t get malaria and in general stay fit and well.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Bun in the Oven

  1. Congratulations to you three, such exiting times ahead ! Will keep praying for you all sending much love and greatest wishes to you all xxx

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