We’ve arrived in Zambia!

We’ve arrived in Zambia!  We are so happy to be here, to have the long journey over with and especially to have a home again!

The journey went really well on the whole.  Jacob was an absolute star and slept most of the flights and was content and lovely the rest of the time.  We were given one of those cots/cribs for our long haul flight, which Jacob surprisingly still fit into.  He probably slept about 5 hours in there, which was great because that meant we were able to get some sleep as well.  Unfortunately Dan came down with a really high fever during the first flight and felt really rough during the remainder of our journey.  He’s had a sore throat for a while now but it really flared up on the way and he was in rough shape.  Other than that, all was going well until we arrived in Ndola.  We were taxi-ing down the runway and I guess because of a lot of turbulence on the way down, Jacob threw up all over himself.  It was epic.  Thankfully we had randomly been given a seat for Jacob so he wasn’t on our laps and we could strip him off and throw his clothes in a garbage bag, wipe him down (with half a package of wipes), and the air hostesses told us to leave them with the rest of the mess.  We got through immigration without any issues however when we got through to pick up our luggage we saw that two of our bags were missing and our buggy/stroller.  Thankfully the important bags with Jacob’s bed and nappies and our toiletries and clothes were there so it’s not too bad.  We hope to be reunited with the AWOL luggage tomorrow but we’re not holding our breath – this is Africa!   😉

Our home is really lovely.  Last year when we were here it was still being built and was only a shell of concrete blocks.  It is now a house and we are making it a home.  It’s much bigger than we remember which is a welcomed surprise.  I keep saying to Dan, everything is perfect, even though there are totally things I don’t really think are perfect if I stop to think about it, I think I am just so happy to have a home!  We’ll post pictures in the next few weeks when we’re a bit more settled.

For now, here’s Jacob in his new bathtub.



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