We’ve been here in the UK for two and a half weeks.  We’ve done quite a lot of travelling here and there seeing family and friends.  It’s been wonderful to see the people we love so much here.  British sausages and proper chocolate have also been top of the list of what we’ve been eating at the moment – not healthy but oh so delicious.  The familiarities of life in Loughton have all come flooding back – I won’t lie, I’ve missed Essex in all it’s glory.  🙂

Jacob took a while to get over jet lag and as soon as that was over he developed a very bad cold which he is slowly getting over, and he’s teething.  He really hasn’t seemed himself at times, which I am sure is probably down to the cold/teething but I worry at times that we are pushing him too far with all of the change.  But then I think he’s probably a lot more resilient than I am, it’s actually me that is the one that struggles with change, lack of routine and all of this moving about.

As I said, we’ve been here for only two and a half week but if I’m honest, it feels like a lot longer than that.  We are in the midst of a massive transition and transition generally causes some level of upheaval… and I’m not a huge fan of things not being in their place.  I like routine, I like tidy, I like having a home.  We are serial house sitters during our time here.  In total we will lay our heads in ten different homes, Jacob starting his nights in many more as we visit with family and friends and catch up in the evenings.  That said, we are so grateful to have spaces to ourselves to be family together and come this Thursday we have a home where we are staying for three weeks.  We will actually unpack – I can’t wait!

In short, we are a bit tired.  We need grace for this time of transition.  If you’re one to pray, we’d love your prayers.   Thank you!