One week until we arrive in the UK.  In six days we’ll be boarding our flight to London and saying goodbye to Canada.  I’ve been feeling a remarkable amount of grace and peace lately.  The goodbyes aren’t nice and are very sad but it’s going to be okay.  In the last few weeks I’ve been so aware of how blessed we are.

These last seven months have flown by.  These months have been an incredible gift.  The time we have been able to spend with family and friends here has been invaluable.  We will never regret the time we have spent here and the choice we made to take some time to invest in relationships here.

This time here has also been a precious time for our little family of three.  We have seven months where we have only been minimally busy.  This was a very different shift in pace for us and at times it felt a little too slow (especially in the depths of winter!) but having so much unpressured time has been really special.  We have played and played with Jacob, we have gone for lots of walks, we have had many a date night, with Grandma on hand to take care of Jacob, and we have had so much time to dream and pray for our present and our future.

I’ve also been so aware of how blessed we are to be living in this day of age.  Skype is an absolute godsend and goodbyes are no longer a total separation but are much more a ‘see you on skype in a few days’ – which is such a gift.

So in a week we leave.  I will cry, no doubt.  I’ve already cried a fair amount of tears about leaving, but we are blessed and I can’t help but remember this.