Fireside Lodge

This last weekend Dan and I had a little getaway to Fireside Lodge.  It’s a place I worked at for the long summers during University. I have such fond memories of my time there…  For four months we worked incredibly hard but got to go to the beach every afternoon that the sun was out. We’d spend calm quiet evenings canoeing on the lake and just generally was blessed to live and work in such a beautiful surroundings.


Now, nearly ten years later, Dan and I visited Fireside, having a wonderful few days of rest and relaxation (Mum and Tam were looking after Jacob for the weekend).  It was just what we needed right now, a few days to just be.


As Fireside is a fishing lodge we did feel it would only be right to do a bit of fishing.  Admittedly most of it was very unsuccessful.  We caught (I caught) two fish in our several hours of fishing attempts.  We’d like to say that the fish just weren’t biting but most of the other guests caught close to 50 fish in the day.  One guy said that pretty much every time he cast he caught a fish.  I’m not sure where we went wrong?

But, I did catch two fish, and I’m not sure if we could have handled much more than that.  It was very exciting.  And it all worked out much better than we could have hoped.  I wasn’t sure what we would actually do if we caught a fish.  I wasn’t about to actually touch a fish, and I wasn’t sure what Dan would do if we caught a fish either.  Thankfully, both fish I caught managed to unhook themselves before we even had to take it into the boat.  Perfect.  My kind of fishing.

And then Dan caught a whopper – himself.  Something ‘went funny’ with his fishing rod and before we knew it, this happened.  His catch and release wasn’t as straight forward though. A trip to the emergency room, and one hefty bill, later, the hook was removed. Classic. We’ve had quite the time with lots of memories. 🙂



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