Two months

We have two months left here in Canada, I can’t believe we’re on the home stretch already.  These last five months have gone by so quickly.

Because the end of our time here is in sight, and therefore the move to Zambia feels imminent, we are beginning to make lists of all the things we need to do before leaving Canada and getting to Zambia.  As you can imagine, the lists are long…  And it feels like there are so many decisions to be made.

Medical, financial, residential, logistical, transport, parenting…

Questions from – Do we have enough financial support? and Where will we stay when we’re in the UK over summer?  to – Should we buy training pants for him before we go or when we come out to the UK to visit? and Where on earth can I buy a nice pair of black flip flops that are durable but don’t look sporty!?

If I’m honest, I’ve been just a bit overwhelmed lately.  The logistics alone are an enormous task, and adding emotions that come with all of the goodbyes and the changes, makes for some overwhelming moments.

Yesterday we booked our tickets to Zambia.  It’s good to have that decided and done and now we have a date to work towards.  Thankfully we do have two more months here and that is actually plenty of time to get all of the things done that we need to.  We’ve got nearly two months in the UK as well which will enable us to spend time with family and friends and also tackle our UK ‘to do’ list.

Recently I’ve had a song in my head, ‘he’s got the whole world, in his hands’ that I learned years ago in Sunday School.  We’ve hung a globe in Jacob’s room and the globe reminds me of that song, so I often sing it to Jacob.  I’ve been singing it loads lately but the other day it struck me that what I was singing wasn’t just a cute little song to Jacob, but actually there is truth in it.  God does hold the world in his hands, and if he can hold all of that, surely he can hold us, and all of our logistical lists and emotions that come with this move.



2 thoughts on “Two months

  1. Am thinking and praying for you all. Must be hard preparing to leave and not knowing when you will see the “Canadian” side of the family again. Big hug. xXx
    Perhaps we should have a big alltogether family time in Africa in the next few years. !!!!!!!!!

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