Mennonite Your Way

When Dan and I were planning our road trip my dad enlightened us about an organization called Mennonite Your Way.  Basically it’s people who are happy to welcome people into their home for a night or two and extend some Mennonite hospitality their way.  There is a directory of people that are willing to do this and for a small fee you can purchase this book.  Dan, always up for new things and meeting new people, was very keen to do this for some of our stops on our road trip.  I saw it as a chance to have a home cooked meal and an inexpensive place to stay. 

We stayed at two Mennonite Your Way homes on our journey; one in northwestern Ontario and the other in Pittsburgh.  Both couples were very lovely and we had really good experiences at both places.  Our first stop was particularly memorable…

We arrived at a lovely country home out in the woods about an hour west of Sudbury.  Their home was beautiful, the couple were very friendly and we had a very delicious supper.  Jacob was on fine form and when it was bedtime he went to sleep just fine.  As it had been a long day for us too, we also went to bed fairly early only to be woken up around midnight to Jacob coughing.  It sounded like he was choking so we jumped out of bed.  Just before reaching his travel tent we could hear him throwing up.  He threw up all over his tent.  He’s only thrown up twice before so naively we thought this was it.  Dan went to sleep in another bed and I took Jacob into bed with me.  An hour later he threw up again, in our shared bed.  Thankfully it was containable but nevertheless disgusting.  For the rest of the night he threw up pretty much every hour, on the hour, until 8am.  Each time Dan and I got more towels and added to the pile of laundry we’d be leaving behind. 

We were exhausted in the morning and as we were leaving we were not as together as we normally are.  So we ended up forgetting a bag at their house.  Unfortunately this bad contained our passports that would be needed in a few days to get into the States.  So, an apologetic phonecall later, and we arranged to get our Passports posted express to Toronto and they mailed the bag and the rest of its contents (cell phone, Kindle etc.) back to Winkler. 

We won’t forget our first Mennonite Your Way experience.  I’m pretty sure they won’t forget us either!

In the midst of all of this we had a really great time with them and learned about making maple syrup.  They moved to this property a few years ago and started tapping their trees for sap.  They now tap 150 trees and make about 30 litres of syrup each year.  What’s great is that their neighbours are really getting into it so they were over loads helping out with the syrup making.  We got to help them collect the sap, we saw how they boil it down and filter the syrup.  We had French toast, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast.  It was so delicious. 

We thought it best to attach photos of this latter part of the experience rather than the former.

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