We spent four days in Delaware with a friend of Dan’s from University, his wife and family.  I had never met Nitan and Amy before but Dan assured me that they were lovely and that I’d enjoy spending a few days with them.  As he often is, he was right.

I’m not sure what I expected Delaware to be like, but it wasn’t what I imagined.  It’s very rural, agricultural, and flat.  There are lots of Amish people that live there as well, who knew?DSC06780

We visited Rehoboth Beach.  The temperatures were so beautiful while we were there, we enjoyed our flip flops and spending time outside.  It was beautiful when we arrived at the beach but sadly in the hour when we ate our fish and chips the weather turned and it was foggy and a bit chilly when we went back outside.  We still dipped our toes in the water though, how could we not?! 🙂DSC06707

We also visited Washington DC.  We had a great day with Amy and the girls exploring the Mall and seeing the sights.  Again, the weather was beautiful so we had a picnic on the green outside of Capitol Hill.  Beautiful.DSC06715DSC06724DSC06719DSC06759

We just arrived home in Winkler.  There is still so much snow…  Back to winter!


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