Toronto and New York

On Tuesday we said goodbye to Toronto and headed south to New York state.  I lived in Toronto for about three years before Dan and I got married and moved to the UK.  Toronto was home – I loved the time I spent there.  It was such a time of growth and change in my own life and I met so many wonderful and inspiring people.  I will always treasure the years I spent there.DSC_1583

I had such a wonderful time in Toronto over these last few days; my heart is full from all of the time I was able to spend catching up with friends.  I wish we could have stayed longer though, as spending a couple of hours with valued friends just isn’t long enough.  Our time in New York was also too short but so sweet with valued friends.DSC06690photo-35DSC_1549

We are so blessed to have great friends and precious family around the world.  However, the down side is that we would love to be close to everyone and my heart aches knowing that no matter where we live, we will always be far away from people we love.  Because of this, goodbyes are a very regular part of our lives.  It seems too often that we hug and say goodbye to friends, people we love so dearly, and are unsure of when we will see them next.

Dan (and my sister) had to convince me that we could do this road trip with Jacob.  I was very unsure of how it would work and if Jacob would cope with so many hours in the car.  I’m so glad that we’ve done this trip though.  I’ve been reminded of all of the wonderful people we have in our lives, loving us, praying for us, cheering us on.  It’s incredible to feel this banner of support and love before we head off to Zambia.  We are so blessed, so fortunate, to have such rich lives because of relationships we have with so many fantastic people.

Jacob also made some new friends along the way.  We went out for breakfast to a proper greasy spoon cafe in Cohoes New York.  In their restaurant was a pool table and at 8:30 in the morning three older gentlemen were playing pool.  Jacob loved watching them play.  He laughed and interacted with them for most of our time there.  It was so cute. DSC06681


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