Warning signs

More than a week into our road trip and it has been noted that the roads of North America are littered with yellow sign posts warning its navigators of the various dangers they are facing. Many of these perils are somewhat alien to drivers like myself, to the point that I thought some of you might find it interesting to know what hazards we’re conquering during this adventure we’re on.

Corners: No big deal, we have a few of these in the UK too.CSC_1497

Avalanche: Can’t say I’ve dealt with too many of these in my time, but thankfully we’ve not come across this yet.CSC_1495

Moose: If only. We’ve not spotted a single moose yet, but praying we do (from a safe distance anyway).CSC_1494

Deer: We’ve seen many a road-side deer. Beautiful.CSC_1487

Sasquatch?: Would be awesome. I’ve got the camera at the ready, just in case though!CSC_1486

Snowmobile’s and The Amish: I love that these two share the same tarmac. I also loved how the horse and buggy sign was followed by a 90kmph sign.CSC_1485CSC_1493

We’re really enjoying the trip so far, and if you think it, please pray for our continued safety and ‘fun times’ for the remainder of our journeying. (D)


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