Northwestern Ontario

We made it safe and sound to Toronto on Friday.  It’s great to be at our first destination where we actually get to spend a few days in a row.  From Monday to Friday we drove from Winkler to Toronto, approximately 2200 kilometers or a 25 hour drive (according to google maps).  Along the way we were able to meet up with my old bosses from a fishing lodge I worked at for a few summers as well as some relatives.  DSC_1074DSC_1145DSC_1180

This first leg of the journey went so well.  Jacob has been an absolute star and I would say that we didn’t get any more crying/whining from him than we have in any other normal day.  Love him.  Admittedly a Baby Einstein DVD has been on repeat at times, but you do what you need to do, right?


Most of our journey involved driving around Lake Superior, which was stunning.  It was so beautiful.  Snowy and icy and truly Canadian.  On Thursday morning there was a fresh layer of snow that made driving a bit stressful but made the scenery even more breathtaking.  We are so glad we took the extra time to drive to Toronto this way.

DSC_1372 DSC_1304 DSC_1298


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