Road tripping with my two favourite allies

Today we are embarking on our first family road trip.  We have friends in various different places in North America and we’re headed on a journey to spend some quality time with some quality people.  We are driving through Canada to Toronto, then heading down to New York state, then Delaware, Chicago and then home.

It will be epic.  It is adventurous.  Yes, we are taking Jacob.

Jacob is a star traveller.  That said, this amount of travelling will probably test this to the max.  We are going to take our time and haven’t scheduled in any really really long days of driving.  I googled ‘going on a road trip with a baby’ to see if there was any helpful hints or advice that might make this all go smoothly.   Most people that wrote about this were talking about journeys of eight-ish hours…  Ours journey will be significantly longer than that…

Dan recently discovered a website called Roadside America which lists all manner or ‘world’s largest/smallest’, where small towns of America can lay claim to fame. Thank goodness this was only discovered after planning our road trip, otherwise we might be using the website as our compass.  After discussion we’ve decided to narrow down our options to just two minor detours for these oddities.  Hot Dog Bun Museum and the world’s largest flamingo have been whittled away, but the world’s smallest church and the world’s largest ball of paint are still in the running…. We’ll be sure to let you know what we agree on. 🙂

This trip will definitely be an adventure.  I feel strangely hopeful that it will all go well.  I am confident that the moments of crying (from Jacob or myself!) and stress won’t compare to the fantastic times we have with friends over these next few weeks.

Well wishes and prayers welcome.


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