Yesterday we had a snowstorm.  We got 35cms. The snow drift by the side of our house was nearly up to my waist before my dad snowblowed that bad boy.   You know it’s a good one when even school is cancelled.  Us Canadians are hardcore.

DSC_0945 DSC_0950

One thing I love about a good snowstorm is the way people come together.  Yesterday I saw a beautiful thing – we were shovelling our neighbour’s driveway with my dad when his friend pulled up in his truck, grabbed his shovel from the back and just started helping out.  What a good friend.  Then our neighbour and his friend, joined us to shovelled a few other driveways.  These same people helped push me out of the snow when I got the van stuck on our road a little later on.  Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  🙂

I don’t necessarily like the cold that comes along with it, but I do love the snow.  This winter I’ve been loving the snow more than ever.  I think its possibly because it’s been a few years since I’ve had a proper snowy winter, and I know it’s likely to be the last one we’re going to have for quite some time.



2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Loving that you got ‘bad boy’ in to that post! I’ll be looking for a some more of our team phrases to feature in the next few blogs!

  2. Love the beautiful snowy pics!! Can’t imagine it! But I’ll confess, I love seeing the photos, however I am glad that I”m on this side of the continent!! I just can’t handle the cold anymore! THanks for the update! Blessings, Amber

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