Getting Creative

I think we may have mentioned before that it’s a bit chilly at the moment.  Because of this, we’ve found a few indoor creative projects to keep us busy and make our space our home.  Here are some of the fruits of our labour…

Wall art.


A portrait of Jacob inspired by the very cool family portraits done by Rebecca Long at Bethanie.  We have yet to do ours yet but it’s a work in the making.


I’ve also made a quilt.   Impressive, I know.  Actually it sounds much more impressive than it actually is.  It’s just a quilt for Jacob so it’s mini and it’s probably the easiest quilt one could ever make.  I saw a picture on Pinterest and felt inspired so I just went for it.  It’s very far from perfect but I must say, I’m quite proud of my work.


I’ve also made some numbers for Jacob.  I might tackle the whole alphabet in time, I’m thinking they might be fun for him in a couple of years when he’s learning about letters and sounds (though Dan regularly goes through sounds of the alphabet with him already!)  I hung these up in his room to add a little colour and homemade goodness.


We’ve also made some chicken doorstops, as one does…


And Dan’s been learning origami…  We hung up a globe in Jacob’s room and thought these cranes would be a nice addition.


Do you think we’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest?  🙂


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