Sponsorship Packs

Over the past week we’ve been sending out sponsorship packs at Beyond Ourselves.  Around this time each year we always send out an up to date photo and information to each of our child sponsors.  (If you’ve not received yours yet, you will get it soon!)

We’ve sent out these packs in a bit of a different way this year which has had it’s pros and cons, but a massive pro is that for every child that is sponsored I get to take a look at their photo to ensure we are sending the correct photo to the sponsor.  I’ve looked at 100s of photos over the last week but it’s the best part of this task as their beautiful faces melt my heart.

Here are a few of my favourites.  The wonderful and talented Lilly Hosker took these photos and captured these children’s beauty so well.


DSC_0241 DSC_0289 DSC_0332 DSC_0470 1



Getting Creative

I think we may have mentioned before that it’s a bit chilly at the moment.  Because of this, we’ve found a few indoor creative projects to keep us busy and make our space our home.  Here are some of the fruits of our labour…

Wall art.


A portrait of Jacob inspired by the very cool family portraits done by Rebecca Long at Bethanie.  We have yet to do ours yet but it’s a work in the making.


I’ve also made a quilt.   Impressive, I know.  Actually it sounds much more impressive than it actually is.  It’s just a quilt for Jacob so it’s mini and it’s probably the easiest quilt one could ever make.  I saw a picture on Pinterest and felt inspired so I just went for it.  It’s very far from perfect but I must say, I’m quite proud of my work.


I’ve also made some numbers for Jacob.  I might tackle the whole alphabet in time, I’m thinking they might be fun for him in a couple of years when he’s learning about letters and sounds (though Dan regularly goes through sounds of the alphabet with him already!)  I hung these up in his room to add a little colour and homemade goodness.


We’ve also made some chicken doorstops, as one does…


And Dan’s been learning origami…  We hung up a globe in Jacob’s room and thought these cranes would be a nice addition.


Do you think we’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest?  🙂

Tour of our place

It’s probably about time that we put up a few pictures of our current abode.  We’re living in Melissa’s parent’s house and have taken over the basement (which should be noted is bigger than our last flat in Loughton and the living room of that basement is bigger than our last place in Zambia!). Since arriving, we’ve made it homier thanks mainly to pinterest and the weather that keeps us indoors.  Here are a few photos of our place.

Canada Home