Settling In

We’re slowly settling into life here in Canada. Four weeks in to our time in Winkler and, with the Christmas tree packed away and people heading back to school/work, I suppose we’re gradually coming around to the reality that this isn’t just a visit this time around. This is home for the next 7 months.

My visa doesn’t allow me to earn a salary here, so the plan is to fill my time with volunteering at a couple of local elementary schools. I’m also adapting the Jolly Phonics reading material (making it as Zambian as possible) and doing a number of other bits and bobs for the community schools and our return to Zambia.

Melissa is continuing to work a couple of days a week doing admin and design work for Beyond Ourselves.

And of course we spend lots of time with this wonderful little guy.




Relatively speaking


This morning I was thinking about how relative things in life can be. I’m told that the weather today is currently ‘mild. -2 or -3 degrees is relatively mild compared to the -30 or -40’s they’re used to in Canada at this time of year. And we’ve seen the same reactions in Zambia when the ‘cold’ season comes around. People will don a woollen hat and wrap themselves in a thick coat when the temperature approaches 20 degrees. It’s all relative.

We, however, have faced some dramatic climate changes over the last couple of months. The thermometer has swung from a sweltering +40 to a wind chill of -40! When fresh air freezes your nose hairs and makes you feel like you’ve undergone botox, there’s no other way to look at it than to say it is cold here.