‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’

I love Christmas.  Growing up in Canada and having wonderful white Christmases has left me with a deep sense of excitement and love for Christmas.  I am so excited to hopefully have a white Christmas this year – there is nothing like a cold snowy Christmas.

And Christmas isn’t Christmas without turkey and the trimmings and all the deliciousness of mulled wine, yummy desserts, and chocolate.

That said, this Christmas we wanted to challenge ourselves and you to leave some of the chocolates at the store, to do with one less bottle of mulled wine, and perhaps to skip out one of the many desserts you are thinking of eating.

With the money we save, we are going to be giving towards two things this Christmas.  Perhaps you’d like to join us?

Each school day over 900 children receive nutritious lunches through our feeding programme.  For some children, this is the only meal they receive in a day.  We’re seeing that the children who have been at the schools we work with for the last few years are visibly looking more healthy.  It’s so exciting to see.  81p or $1.30 feeds one child, school meals for a week.  £3.50 or $5.60 feeds a child for a month.

The other thing we are excited about is that next year we are going to start to provide maize seeds and fertilizer for a family to grow all their own maize.  Maize is the staple food in Zambia so it would be a massive help to any family to not have to purchase this.  We are working together with friends of ours who will be providing training for the families who receive this gift to enable them to produce as much maize as possible.  We have been giving out food parcels for the last few years, and will continue to do so, but we want to give gifts that are more sustainable.

These gifts can be purchased through the Beyond Ourselves store or you can email me at melissa@beyondourselves.co.uk.  Most of us don’t need all the food we eat at Christmas so perhaps we can save our waistlines and help someone else receive the nutrition they need.


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