Food parcels

Last month my sister raised some money for food parcels through her Shine Design business.  Over $450 was raised (amazing!), so this past weekend we went on a massive shopping trip and filled up three trolleys full of groceries for ten food parcels.

While we were interviewing the families a few weeks back we identified several families that are in particular need at the moment.  This week we’ve distributing these gifts. Despite having very little, we were welcomed into every home to chat and pray together.

Our hearts both break and are filled with joy when we are in these communities.  There is so much need and yet smiles are flashed everywhere.  

If you are one to pray, there are a few particular situation that we would love for you to be praying for.  Please pray for Aven, Anita, and Matthews who are all HIV positive.  They are doing well but need our prayers.  Please also pray for Ruth, she had a stroke as a young child leaving her with physical and learning disabilities.   Please also pray for the Mwansa family – their mother is unable to take care of them due to mental illness, their step mother recently passed away, their father has left and now their step father is also talking of leaving them.  They are in a very difficult situation at the moment and the school is looking for a relative who could take in these five children.  The oldest daughter, Norah, is really feeling the weight of this situation.


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