Wrapping up

Since the last team left about 10 days ago, our days have mostly been filled with following up those children who didn’t attend the interviews, those who had missing information, etc.  We have nearly completed these which is great news.  Our goal was to get these as completed as much as possible before leaving. 

One of the things Dan has done while being here is start a ‘Link Club’ at Janna School, to help facilitate relationships between schools here and in the UK.  One project they’ve been working on is making two videos which explain how to play a couple of the games they enjoy playing together.  We’ll upload these videos when we have better internet connection.  But this week we went to Janna School to meet with this group one last time and show them the completed videos.  Their reactions were fantastic and they were so excited about what they had created together. 

We’ve been busy sorting and packing as well.  We’re planning on leaving a fair amount of stuff here for when we return next year.  We’ll now have a portion of our worldly goods in Zambia, the UK and Canada.  We’re trying to be organised and have lists of what is where, but it’s quite tricky being spread between three continents.


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