Thoughts of food

We only have about 10 days left in Zambia – crazy!  Our time here has gone by so fast.  We’ve had such a great time and in many ways we’d love to stay.  But we’ll be back here before we know it, back to make this home.

As always happens when it is nearly time to go back home, we start to talk about all things we’ll do when we get back and the people we’ll get to catch up with.  Somehow these conversations always end up focusing on food.  Here’s the list of things we’re looking forward to eating when we get back to the UK… some of which are unashamed hints 🙂

  • Chicken and stuffing sandwiches – M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, they are all good.  Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them J
  • Roast dinners (Yorkshire puddings especially)
  • Café Spice/Ace of Spice curries
  • Any of Dawn Breeze’s baking
  • Papa John’s pizza
  • Real Cadbury’s chocolate without the anti-melting agent
  • A Blackledge lasagne
  • Non long-life milk
  • Catherine Wait’s muesli
  • Malcolm’s corn beef hotpot… or maybe not 🙂
  • Onken raspberry yogurt

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