Closer to nature

One of the many differences that life in Zambia brings is the variety of creatures we encounter on a daily basis; some more welcomed than others

Let’s skip past the mosquitoes and flies – pausing only briefly to mention that an electric-tazer fly swat has made it to the top of my Christmas list – and talk of the spiders who take up residence on our walls (Melissa holds firm to the belief that they never venture from the walls, I think mainly so she doesn’t have to consider ever finding one in our bed!). These spiders are great. Apart from helping out with tackling the aforementioned mozies, they never cease to amaze me with how flat they lie against the walls until disturbed and then they suddenly snap up and scuttle at terrifying speeds to the safety of the nearest shadow. We also live with lizards, geckos, a range of beetles, the occasional cockroach and a praying mantis.

However the other day we were privileged to have a visit from a little white frog. Jacob and I decided to take a closer look. We kept a safe distance (mainly because Jacob’s investigative skills focus solely on sticking things in his mouth) and decided to poke it with the nearest thing to hand. Boy did it jump! Understandably this fascinated and amused all present and so we decided to continue our course of action, to encourage movement in our guest, until he’d had enough and hopped for cover.

Below are the events as they unfolded.



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