New shoes

A short while ago Melissa posted a few thoughts about our little friend Muko and his desire for Adidas trainers. Since then a number of people have enquired about the outcome of the story, and what we decided to do.

A few people offered to get shoes for him and when a team arrived from home last week, two options came our way. One pair, bought specifically for him through connections at the Restore Centre, and a second pre-owned pair, which were washed and in great condition.

They were two different sizes so we thought we’d take both to Muko to see which would fit. Bizarrely enough, the two different Adidas sizes both seemed to fit perfectly and so Muko ended up receiving them both: one pair for football and the other pair for casual wear.

I’ve been reading a lot about receiving and reflecting Jesus’ love and, although the need around us is overwhelming, the impact that loving the one in front of you can have. What could sum that up better than Muko receiving a double portion.


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