This is Africa

There are challenges to living in any city.  Whether it be incessant rain and gray days, and congestion in and around London, or a frozen fuel cover on your freshly washed car in the depths of winter in Winkler and being snowed in when you really really wanted a trip to Winnipeg, each place has its things that irk you: things that you learn to live with, but you’d rather wish you didn’t have to.

This is Africa, and so the list of things you learn to live with but you’d rather wish you didn’t have to, can be long.  Don’t get me wrong, we love it here.  Actually being here for this ‘trial run’ has quickly solidified our decision to come back next year to move here indefinitely.  We want this to be home for us and for Jacob and we’re really thankful that we already feel like our time here has confirmed this.  That said, in the last couple of weeks there have been many things that have been a bit frustrating, but, this is Africa.

Here’s what’s happened in the last week:

  • Our power went out for a few days.  Something went wrong with the electrical companies wires and all of a sudden the power was gone at our place and two other houses in the area.  We need to get used to this though as the rainy season is upon us and power cuts can be more frequent….
  • Towards the end of the power cut, our water also stopped working for about 5 hours.  The water stops working about once a week for a few hours but 5 hours was it’s longest.  Such fun…
  • The other day I went to get some photocopying done that I needed.  But when I arrived at the photocopying place, guess what, the power was out!  No photocopying for me…Thankfully we weren’t in the grocery store though. When a powercut strikes and you’re at the checkout, lockdown sets in and everyone simply stands there, in the darkness, waiting for the lights to flicker back into life…
  • Grocery shopping (even when there’s power) is a bit of a palaver here.  There are three groceries stores and all must be visited to get everything one requires for the weekly shop.  Also, lugging around a baby in 35 degree heat while trying to do the shopping isn’t particularly fun, and this is coming from someone that usually loves grocery shopping…

Thankfully the pros always seem to outweigh the cons and we’ve become very good at laughing through the darker times 🙂


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