Once or twice a week we all head to Kitwe, which is where Dan and I lived the last time we were here. On Monday we were there for the day.  We went to Chisokone market in the morning, shopping for some goods for Beyond Ourselves.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to the Kitwe market.  It’s always been a very busy place however it now seems to be spilling over into the town centre and it seemed busier than ever.  Thankfully the guys in the market were really helpful though and so we didn’t have to venture into the depths of the market – which was great.

We went to Greater Joy School later in the morning.  Dan goes there two days a week to help the less able readers in Years 5-7.  We know literacy is so important so Dan is helping them with phonics and to gain confidence in reading.  I spent most of our time there visiting with the cooks for the feeding programme.  Jacob was also causing a bit of disruption.  Many of the younger children were sneaking out of class to come and have a look at him. 🙂  We were there for part of the feeding programme as well.  Every child at each of our schools gets a free school meal each day.  It’s always brilliant to see this programme in action.

In the afternoon we were at Kawama School again.  There is a team arriving on the weekend, who will be spending a week at Kawama.  Next Monday the team will be interviewing all of the children and their carers as part of the sponsorship programme so there’s plenty of things to get together in preparation for that.

We were shattered by the end of the hot day (37 degrees at its highest) but the drive back to Ndola was beautiful.


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