Road Blocks

Prior to arriving here, my biggest concern about life in Zambia was the Police checks on the road and potential for corruption. My previous experience of these somewhat random road-blocks has been pretty negative. As a passenger, I’d seen random fines handed out by corrupt police (who, at the time, hadn’t been paid for a few months).

Anyway, I feared that we’d be stopped continually and that I’d regularly need to negotiate our way through ‘fines’ and need to pay my way out of trouble. Consequently Melissa and I pray fervently every time we see the tell tale barrel in the centre of the road and the sentry Police officer instructing traffic to slow to a stop. The monologue that keeps coming to mind at these times is voiced by Obi-Wan Kanobe; “You don’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…He can go about his business. Move along.” and to date, the combination of prayers and Jedi mind tricks seem to be working. We’ve been stopped for licenses once and all other times we’ve simply been waved through. Thank you Jesus!



One thought on “Road Blocks

  1. Nice one Dan – You know God thought of mind tricks before George Lucas? I did a Sunday School on Elisha last term and couldn’t help noticing the parallel – Read 2 Kings 6v19 remembering that the words are being spoken by an old bloke with a beard, probably wearing a brown cloak of some kind 😉 – It’s great to hear how God is looking after you all with his force – which is better by far – cos its real 🙂

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