Kawama School

Yesterday we visited Kawama School.  This is Beyond Ourselves’s newest school, having only been built about a year ago.  Neither Dan nor I had seen this school since it’s been built so we were excited to see what it looked like.  As we were driving to the school, we were talking with the director of the school, Pastor Cephas.  Dan mentioned that the last time we were at the school there was nothing but a church building and dreams. When we visited two years ago there were about 200 children all learning in one church building with no windows, benches that were falling apart, and very few school resources.  The promise of a school building was tremendously exciting for this community.  Cephas then explained to us that Kawama actually means a ‘there is hope in this place’ and the school building is the fulfillment of a dream and a message of hope to the community.

I was really moved by our time there.  With all of our other schools we have been involved a lot more in the building and development stages.  To arrive at this school and see it transformed since the last time we were there was so amazing to see.  Not only was the building itself impressive, there were desks in each classroom, resources on the walls, children in school uniforms, and the smell of lunch being cooked.

Sitting in the heart of this community, this school is evidence that there is hope for this place.



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